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Rules and Bonuses:

When you fill last part of the slice, you can earn more point.
Eversion bonus works for getting ahead when you least expect it.
You can get +10 point for each right shot or you can get -5 point for each wrong shot.
If you can use X3 bonus wisely, you earn a very high point.
If you want to annoy your opponent, you should use fog bonus.
When you leave during the game on, you get minus point.
If you don't have an internet connection, you can play with a single player mod for practice.
You should remember the opponent's bonuses on the matchup screen because it will disappear.
When you 6 wrong shot successive, you will lose.
If your point will be -30 on the game, you will lose.
When you win; you will earn twice of the points from endgame point.

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Tackle against real opponents on colorful triadic. So easy to learning and playing the game, just you should take aim at.

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